The Ted collection is a chenille fabric, colorfully woven and constitutes a high-class material, distinguished by its color diversity, pattern, and richness of texture. Thanks to the use of yarns in various shades, products made from this material impress with their attractiveness. This fabric has a fiber cover, obtained by using chenille yarn both in the warp and weft, which translates to its softness, thickness, fluffiness, and pleasant touch. The construction of the material is based on the combination of two types of threads: thin ones, forming a strong and compact base, and thick chenille threads, which define its final appearance. Chenille fabric, due to its properties, is excellent for creating throws, cushions, curtains, and other interior decorative elements.

TED 88

TED 24

TED 26

TED 90

TED 59

TED 68

TED 44

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TED 77

TED 79

TED 85

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color palette


Surface mass DIN EN 12127 400 g/m2 ± 5%
Working width minimum 140 cm
Composition EU 1007/2011 100% Polyester
Martindale test EN ISO 12947-1,2 60 000
Prone to mottling and pillaging EN ISO 12945-2 (2000T) 4
Color fastness: artificial light EN ISO 105-B02-2 5
Resistance to dry friction EN ISO 105-X12 4
Wet friction resistance EN ISO 105-X12 4
Tear strength EN ISO 13937-3
Warp 60 N
Weft 60 N
Tensile Strength EN ISO 13934-1
Warp 600 N
Weft 600 N
Thread Slippage EN ISO 13936-2
Warp 3 mm
Weft 4 mm
The effect of pilling and so-called "wrinkling" of fabrics is a natural process and impossible to eliminate completely. The transfer of dyes from fabrics with intense and dark colors to light fabrics is inevitable. If the fabric is hooked, there is a possibility of pulling out individual yarns. For technological reasons, differences in color shades are permissible.

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