Tour de FABB 2024

FABB enthusiastically welcomed the spring season by organizing a Bike Rally that brought together cycling enthusiasts in the picturesque Beskid Śląski Mountains. This event not only promoted a healthy lifestyle and physical activity but also provided an excellent opportunity for team integration.

The rally route was 35 km long and started in Górki Wielkie. We had the chance to admire the beauty of nature while cycling along the Vistula River. After ten kilometers of riding, we stopped for a rejuvenating break in Ustroń. With energy bars and charming views, we were able to regain our strength to continue the journey.
After covering another 8 km, we managed to reach the finish line in Wisła, where, in addition to a well-deserved rest, local delicacies awaited us. Grilled ‚oscypek‘ cheese and homemade ‚pierogi‘ were the perfect complement to a day full of challenges.

Finally, there was only the return journey left. All participants, both young and old, showed great determination and completed the rally. We confirmed our belief that such a form of spending time not only helps in maintaining fitness but also provides a lot of positive energy, strengthens bonds, and builds the team.

Ideas for future events are already sprouting in our minds, and we will surely share them. See you next time!